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The Annual Dinner Scheduled for April 18th has been Canceled!

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Welcome to Operation Troop Support. Our organization is an established 501 (c)(3) that focuses our efforts on helping our deployed troops as well as their loved ones back home. We encourage you to visit our site to learn more about us.

 We would like to thank everyone for your support over the past 17 Years! We greatly appreciate for all the hard work from everyone that has assisted in assuring that the mission of Operation Troop Support was achieved.

Operation Troop Support’s 501(c)(3) certification documents and ID Number may be requested through our OTS email or by letter.

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A Letter to Our Supporters, Letter to Our Supporters
Operation Troop Support sends out a very special Thank You to those people who have come forward over the past ten years to show the troops and their families how much America cares. Over the past 17 years, thousands of care packages were sent to the war zone, the combat support hospitals, and the US military hospitals on a continuous basis to help raise the morale of our soldiers .Monthly support group meetings brought knowledgeable experts in to educate our family members and friends on what to expect when their loved one returned from war, and how best to cope with the changes that accompanied their return.Hundreds of Thousands of individually wrapped Christmas and Hanukkah gifts were sent over this period, along with hundreds of thousands of Christmas Cards to units all across the world. We brought the troops message to the American public through speaking engagements at civic club meetings, church gatherings, school activities, political events, and business luncheons. We brought a wounded warrior home to see his sick family member, and we raised money for the family of a wounded soldier who had been very seriously injured in Afghanistan. To those who gave us the names of deployed soldiers and allowed us to help their loved one, we say thank you; To those who donated items, time, or money to help us carry out our mission, we say thank you; For those who have not worked with us, we invite you to be a part of an organization who cares. Our pride in America is eclipsed only by our devotion to those men and women who put on the nation’s uniform and say “Don’t worry, we’ll protect you”. These brave servicemen and women deserve our help, and you all can play a part in seeing that they get it.

Operation Troop Support  Help us help them!

 If anyone would like to volunteer at an OTS function, or would like to host a fundraiser, please contact us at 978-774-5983


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