Operation Troop Support

Help Us Help Them

Items to Donate

Donations Sent to the Desert

Encouragement Cards/Letters These are worth GOLD to our troops!
Stationary Products Blank cards, paper, envelopes. Pens, pencils, stamps, phone cards and disposable cameras.
Puzzle Books/ Games/Holiday Gifts Books, crosswords, word searches, brain teasers, magazines. Playing cards and hand held electronic games, travel games, Nerf balls, waffle ball sets, footballs, badmitton sets, volleyball sets, crochet. T-shirts, baseball caps, CDs, DVDs
Coffee Regular or Instant coffee, sugar packets and powdered creamer
Snacks Oreo cookies, other cookie types, beef jerky, peanuts, pre-sweetened powdered drinks, gum, Cheez-its, crackers, pringles, doritos, hard candy, fruit snacks, pop tarts, cereal bars, individual packages of cereal, fruit, non-refridgerated pudding, power bars, and throat lozenges
Toiletries Soap, shampoo/conditioner, dental hygiene products, disposable razors, shaving cream, petroleum jelly, baby powder, baby oil, nail clippers, deodorant, skin lotion, breath mints, body wash, odor eaters for shoes, toilet paper, Kleenex, baby wipes, Q-tips, eye glass wipes, foot powder, wet wipes, cleansers, and cocoa butter.
Body Protection Band Aids, Sunscreen, Aloe-Vera, lip balm, bug repellant, itch cream, visine, visine for contacts, hand sanitizer, lotions that won’t draw bugs, fly strips, nasal saline spray.
Clothing Accessories New socks, boot socks, binoculars, flip flops and sunglasses.
Female Troops Feminine hygiene products (maxi pads, tampons, panty liners), Scented body wash, scented lotion, hair spray, disposable pink razors, and black, brown or blond hair elastics/hair pins, barrettes. Sports bras sizes 34b-36b, cotton panties sizes 5, 6, 7, and pretty stationary sets.

Donations Sent to the Hospital

Get Well Cards/Letters These are PRICELESS!
Stationary Products Blank cards, paper envelopes, pens, pencils and stamps
Paperback/Hardcover books/Magazines Fiction/Non-fiction novels, People, Readers Digest, Inspirational Books
Clothing New t-shirts, gym shorts, underwear, socks and flip flops of all sizes.
Puzzle Books/Games Crossword, word searches, brain teasers, playing cards, etc.
Backpacks/Gym bags/Phone cards

Operation Troop Support Needs the following Donated Items:

Packing Tape
Baggies (Sandwich, Quart, and Gallon)
Envelopes (Legal Size)
Sharpe Markers
Copy Paper
Christmas Wrapping Paper and Tags (If available for presents)

If you can donate these items it would be greatly appreciated.

For more information or to donate items, please contact us at Operation Troop Support.

Email: operationtroopsupport@gmail.com
Phone: Christine or Dick Moody at 978-774-5983 or 978-836-2395